Scalamara (from 'I Diari della Sacher')



Directed by Giuseppe M. Gaudino  / creative documentary / prod. Sacher Film, in collaboration with Tele+ and RAI - Radiotelevisione Italiana / 34 min. / DV-Cam and Beta SP / 2001 / Italy

The creative documentary ‘Scalamara’, is a part of the ‘I Diari della Sacher’ series produced by Nanni Moretti, inspired by true stories from the National Diary Archive at Pieve Santo Stefano.
"I liked Sacher’s ethical-political idea of describing life. It encourages us not to be afraid of talking about everyday life in our times. In our country, we’d need 100 and another 100 of other occasions like this for describing our times without evading reality. " G.M.Gaudino


It’s an attempt to put on film the 71-year-old dream of a boy who only wants to whisper without fear his feeling of attachment towards a ‘bitter’ mother. Costantino is a brave man who has lived life to the full. His will to live is contagious. For him, living is understanding, knowing and speaking the truth to others. He is a lucky man, who has found his path in life and lives in peace with himself. Scalamara is the real name of a road in the old quarter of Sassari, where Costantino has lived since childhood.


Production Manager   Fabrizio Amato

Sound  Alessandro Zanon

Photography and Cameramen   Isabella Sandri,  Roberto Cimatti

Editing   Rosella Mocci

Music   Epsilon Indi

Produced by Angelo Barbagallo and Nanni Moretti for Sacher Film,  in collaboration with Rai Tre and Tele+


Costantino Congiu

Gallo's Family

Salaris'  Family

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