Materiali a confronto. Albania-Italia 1994-2002



Directed by Giuseppe M. Gaudino  / creative documentary / prod. Gaundri / 108 min. / DV Cam / 2003 / Italy / TV acquisition RAI-RadioTelevisione Italiana

Il Film

I was interested in working to deposit the images between memory and reality. With Albania I was given the possibility of putting into effect and realizing the challenge of comparing the present and the past in a corner of the world. Then, in Lecce, we met some young clandestine Albanian immigrants at a refugee camp. In order to understand the present situation of those young Albanians who have fled from their own country, the intuition to comparing the material filmed in Albania with the words and the dreams of the adolescents.


Three Albanian adolescents have disembarked on the Italian coast. They faced the voyage alone and alone they will remain in Italy waiting the achieve maturity. They are bold and courageous , they have to be…or else. They have a dream. The three youths speak, talk and as a counterpoint appear on the surface of the images of their country Albania. They are glimpses of daily life that alternate with their darkened and unrecognizable faces, because the law protects their identity being minor. 


Screenplay   Giuseppe M. Gaudino

Editing   Giuseppe M. Gaudino

Photography and cameramen   Isabella Sandri & Giuseppe M. Gaudino

Producer   Isabella Sandri for Gaundri srl

Postproduction   Sergio De Vito, Rosella Mocci, Shpetim Bylyky, Isabella Sandri, Fernando Frattali, Armando Rossetti


Albanians adolescents from 'Centro Don Milani' and the guests from 'Centro Lorizzonte', Lecce (Italy)

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